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Frequently Asked Questions

Explore these frequently asked questions to gain a deeper understanding of Newman Labelling Machines.

What types of pharmaceutical products can be labelled using Newman's machines?

Newman’s labelling machines can accommodate a wide range of pharmaceutical products, including ampoules, vials, syringes, glass and plastic bottles, cartons, and carpoules.

What is Faulty Label Removal System?

Faulty Label Removal System is an automatic Faulty Label Removal (FLR) System designed to reduce your waste by removing ‘faulty’ labels from the labelling process prior to application. 

What are the highlights of Faulty Label Removal?

The three main highlights of Faulty Label Removal are:

  • Faulty labels are removed before application to the product.
  • Faulty labels are rejected individually.
  • Unlabelled products are rejected.
What factors should you consider when labelling pharmaceutical products?

It’s essential to consider certain factors, such as readability, durability, tamper-proofing, and many more when it comes to labelling pharmaceutical products.

What information should you display on a pharmaceutical product?

In the UK, the labelling of pharmaceutical products is subject to strict regulation by the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA). The labelling of medications must include comprehensive information such as:

  • Name and strength of medicine
  • Dosage of strength
  • Expiry date
  • Warning and Precautions
  • Route of administration
What key regulations must pharmaceutical companies comply with?

Pharmaceutical companies are required to follow strict regulations concerning different aspects of their products, including but not limited to how they are identified, dosage information, expiration dates, storage conditions, and safety warnings.

What are some challenges pharmaceutical companies face in complying with regulatory standards?

Pharmaceutical companies face major obstacles when it comes to labelling pharmaceutical products due to the value of what’s inside the container, limited labelling areas, and strict regulatory requirements. The readability and accuracy of information are crucial but can be difficult to achieve given the delicate nature of the pharmaceutical containers. Keeping up with standards is also critical, making the labelling process even more challenging.

What are the automation features of Newman's Labelling Machines?

Newman’s Labelling machines have different levels of automation, including reject station and verification, barcode, automatic loading/unloading station, and many more.

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