Faulty Label Removal System


Is your current labelling system applying faulty labels to good product? Many existing labelling systems overlook this very expensive hidden cost.

The Newman Faulty Label Removal (FLR) system is designed to reduce your waste whilst improving line efficiencies even when removing ‘faulty’ labels from the labelling process.

Faulty labels removed prior to product application.

  • No manual de-labelling of good product
  • No costly spoiled product
  • Only unlabeled products are rejected

Faulty labels are rejected in sequence and stored individually.

  • Full reconciliation
  • Monitoring of print quality
  • Paper reel accommodates handwritten notes
  • Faulty labels held securely, away from good product


The Newman FLR system has been specifically designed to remove faulty labels from the label feed process ensuring only good labels are applied to your products.

Labels identified as faulty by the labeller’s inspection system are transferred to the FLR’s spooled paper tape in synchrony to the labelling process so not to affect product throughput and line efficiencies.

Reject verification and secondary watchdog sensors mounted on the FLR ensure that labels deemed faulty are successfully transferred to the spooled paper tape. Faulty labels are stored conveniently, separately and sequentially allowing for easy end of batch reconciliation in compliance to regulatory guidelines.


  • Available as an option only on Newman models
  • Speeds up to 500 labels/minute
  • Transparent and opaque label operation
  • Retractable for ease of maintenance
  • Label stripper plate & web position compensator
  • Paper reel unwinder with runout sensor
  • Paper reel re-winder with reel full sensor
  • Label rejection confirmation sensors
  • Paper reel web break security control
  • Compact, modular design
  • Stepper motor drive unit
  • Maximum label height 108mm
  • Type 304 stainless steel & anodised aluminium construction
  • Patent pending GB0901347.5

Standard Specification
Label Material Paper & Plastic
Labels Min Height 12mm
Labels Max Height 108mm
Labels Min Length 20mm
Labels Max Length 200mm
Speed Up to 500/min