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The Role of Automation in Ampoules Labelling Processes

Ampoules Labelling process

Automation is a significant part of the pharmaceutical labelling process. As smaller containers are labelled faster than larger containers, automation of smaller container labelling, like ampoules, can further increase the efficiency of the process.

Also, with rapidly advancing technology, adopting automationis a must to keep up with the market too. Newman’s labelling machines can cater to these various market demands and provide efficiency as well as accuracy in the ampoule labelling process.

How Does Automation Improve Efficiency?

Well, first off, there are different levels of automation that can be implemented in the labelling industry. Automatic loading of containers can be one of them,  and reducing manual intervention can be another.

Having automated systems can make a huge difference to your efficiency and productivity. Automated systems can handle high  numberof ampoules at without compromising work speed and precision, thereby minimising downtime and boosting output.

Automation and efficiency go hand in hand. With automation, you can eliminate the risk of human error, which ensures accurate and uniformity in labelling ampoules.

How Has Newman Incorporated Automation?

Automation in the pharmaceutical labelling processes incorporates advanced technologies such as vision systems, precise control mechanisms, and many more. With Newman Ampoule Labelling Machines, you can get automation at every stage. Here are some of the listed automation features of Newman’s Ampoule Labelling Machines:

Ampoules Labelling process
  • Barcode – Newman’s ampoule labelling machines label ampoules with non-predictive serial numbers with information that can be read by people and machines.
  • Reject Station – Another type of automated service offered by  Newman’s labelling machines is the reject station. The reject system automatically separates unlabelled ampoules from the labelled ones. This ensures accuracy and reduces need for human labour.
  • VAL550 Starwheel System – The Val550 ampoule labelling machine has a starwheel system designed to label containers at a speed of 600 CPM. The machine automates the process of loading/unloading containers as it moves the containers forward into a starwheel via a simple gating blade to feed the product.

Thus, some of these automation features can help to significantly increase the precision, accuracy, speed, and productivity of ampoule labelling machines.


Automation is an important feature that can have various benefits for pharmaceutical labelling machines. Automated systems help to reduce human errors and increase the productivity of the labelling process. Newman’s ampoule labelling machines have features such as unique serial number labelling, reject station, starwheel system, and more, which help in the automation process. With Newman’s ampoule labelling machine, you can label these small containers at higher speed and increased efficiency.

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